Velvet time for sofas and chairs

Imagine shimmering gold and grey velvet fabric united together in a contemporary mix for sofas and chairs which are then placed against gold-glazed walls and large mirrors. This combination will immediately make the room magical. In addition, the space will seem impressive and dramatic.

This is just the beginning. The new high-performance velvet material means that there are amazing shades to choose from and they will become the super stars of any upholstery in the house. Lightly touched blush tones right down to the deepest navy are shown in all their splendour and the different velvets reflect the details, texture, and shapes of any sofas and chairs.

Rooms are transformed by the use of this luxurious fabric. Classic velvet will always remain a lasting favourite for upholstery and gives a timeless quality. Wine-reds, dark greens and royal blues add rich shading to the furnishing and the effect offers a warm and inviting space to share conversation or music.

At the same time a lot of new homes require refined and contemporary lines to match the simple contours of their rooms and therefore it is necessary to think about different tones for these open spaces. The lighter shades of velvet play an essential role in giving a smart and modern look to the furniture that must feature in such places. The use of softer colours like light lemons, sage greens, pale blues and pinks or neutrals are ideal for creating calm and spacious interiors.

Houxluz has created the Sebastian and the Madison ranges which can adapt to the new fabrics and give either classical or contemporary character to the furniture and the rooms for which they have been designed. Flooring like oak or stone will contrast beautifully with the final finish.  It is time to dream.