Understanding Fabric

There are certain laws within all aspects of the design industry, from curtain making to making sofas, when it comes to choosing fabrics. You will have very little joy if the fabric you have selected, for a Roman Blind, does not comply with the daily ritual of being pulled up and down AND forming neat pleats!

Each specific fabric structure has to meet the task you have in mind, or you are on a loosing wicket at the very beginning. So here is a useful guide to keep you on the right track, to choosing your fabrics.

Curtain fabrics. Are you a neat freak or don’t you mind a little bit of disorder? Choose a light weight fabric with a synthetic mixture so that it behaves as a dressing and won’t fade in the sunlight on the leading edges. If you want a ‘dressed’ look that requires fabric to be pleated and sculptured, choose a synthetic mixed with Silk Dupion… Fabulous! Keep your windows light, neutral and fresh…

Roman Blinds. Would you like to see through the fabric, to the back lining, or would you prefer not too? Would you be happy with a thin lining on the back or do you prefer a thicker lining? All these decisions will impact the look and performance of your fabric but make sure your top chosen fabric has a little degree of stiffness in it…then you won’t get floppy olds!!

Furniture and Upholstery fabrics. Bare in mind that these furniture pieces will be the main central component in your room, so it has to look amazing and perform against the daily challenges of stains, plus wear and tare. Fabrics have undergone a brilliant collaboration, in that commercial fabrics, previously used, within the Hotel and Leisure industry, have now crossed over to our domestic market. This means that you can now choose a contract performance velvet, with all the goodies, for your own home.