The joys of modular sofas

It might be the moment to re-consider your relaxation spaces in your home to suit the ever-changing demands on your individual rooms. The latest modular combinations are ideal for adapting to any situation and for creating lovely entertainment seating arrangements.

You start with a huge L-shaped sofa, minimum and essential in your favourite colour, and then only a second later you can pull it apart, place gorgeous tables with plants and lamps around each unit to give the needed space to each family member or welcomed visitor. Then as the evening closes in the modular units can be pulled back close again to their original settings for intimate occasions.

In this way friends and family can be together and apart in the same room, for whatever the social situation requires -and your rooms are immediately great places for both living and working.

HouzLux has created several flexible modular sofas in the Medici and Zen ranges in a medley of shades. It is also possible to choose the style of feet or extra detailing to give that unique look to your choice.

A tip for one of the units. You can push one of the modular parts close to a window or by the garden doors and immediately there is a calm reading space for your favorite book or quiet corner to have a cool drink away from the noise of the house.

Perhaps even be adventurous and choose a contrasting color or fabric for one of the units to balance and contrast with the whole sofa.

HouzLuz will be your companion to find the perfect sofa.