Table Settings for your New Year

This year is an even more special time to see in the New Year in with those held close to you.  On behalf of Houzlux, we would like to send you our love & blessings for a healthy & happy New Year!

Creating an elegant table setting is a wonderful way to make new traditions and memories for these special times and to celebrate the New Year. Start with the existing colour palette in your home. This year the popular trend is to use coloured glass in the home, which pops out amongst the backcloth of greys, whites and silver metallics for a sophisticated and contemporary scheme.

Crisp white or grey tablecloths will reflect the frosty days outside and blend gently with the surroundings. Add white and glass tableware and then place delicate crystal glasses and clear unusual baubles and silver or chrome nightlights and lanterns. The glasses do not have to be the same but can be different sizes. Ensure there are both wine and water glasses. Bowls, lanterns and trays could be filled with baubles and twinkling lights and set on nearby windowsills, sideboards and coffee tables.   Alternate the white table linen with a deep green or cherry red as your accent colours to give a cosy feel that will easily change your table from Christmas into New Year settings.

For a complete contrast to the traditional Christmas tones choose a dark and dramatic scheme. Take a midnight blue or black cloth.  Layer light coloured plates on the table. Add gold, or bronze warm metallic cutlery and accessories. These look luxurious particularly when lines of pillar candle lights or lanterns are laid along the centre of the table. Glamorous glints of gold are reflected in the flickering light through the glasses and decorations. Soft textures are really important to give winter warmth and velvet cushions and faux fur throws on benches or seats are ideal for this effect.

Lighting is fundamental to this look. So the main ceiling lights should be dimmed and statement lights should be set in focal points and dark corners around the room.

The vintage festive colours of green, deep red and gold will always give a sense of occasion to your table and room. Lay a rich burgundy or dark green tablecloth.  Place a garland of evergreen foliage along the table and put one or two lanterns as your focal point. Alternatively find a glass bowl and arrange a bouquet of red roses, cut low so everyone can see each other. Add a few dark red baubles around the table. Position an assortment of pillar candles and tealights in mercury glass holders. Gold highlights in the form of cutlery, gold-rimmed plates and sparking glasses will give a stunning glamour. Napkins could be dark red and tied in gold ribbon. For every seat place a small wrapped gift on the plate and a gold cracker. No matter how small your gathering is this year, put a lot of love on your table.