Partnership with Art Concepts London

HouzLux is proud to announce our new partnership with Art Concepts London. This collaboration signifies the ever-increasing demand to build links between the art and design worlds in support of working together.

Especially in todays’ new business environment, ACLDN is constantly establishing new unique and creative collaborations to offer clients the best in art and design.

HouzLux founder Maria Dolan, has been designing within the world of luxury interiors for over twenty years. Her handcrafted bespoke furniture designs are timeless and of the highest quality. Her experience has enabled her to consult with some of the worlds’ leading designers, including Clive Christian. Her passion for spectacular design and an eye for art, has brought ACLDN and HouzLux together in collaboration.

Art Concepts London (ACLDN) is a global art consultant company incorporating an exclusive and extensive global platform of artists with over 25 Years’ experience in design and concept development of interior spaces. We specialize in contemporary and fine art, photo art, murals and art wallpaper. We offer bespoke services to meet specific requirements for the global hospitality sector, property developers, architects, interior designers, and private collectors.

ACLDN and HouzLux look forward to working with you.