New January New Vision

Happy New Year to you all and a very warm welcome to our new followers and subscribers. We write these journals, so that you can be informed of the latest Interior design trends and we want you to be a part of our journey, keeping you updated on our tips and findings, so we are able to share our news with you!

As we say our farewell to a very challenging year, our minds and wishes are always set on making changes for the new year ahead. Some of us are quite happy making no plans at all, but a lot of us will be putting ideas in to place, which in the long run, will give us something to keep us busy and something to look forward too!

Questions like….Will we be moving this year, will we start a new interior project, are we investing in another property, shall we make plans to re-design our outside space, are we down sizing or are we welcoming a new addition in to our home. Because, this is what life throws at us!

We are spending more time in our homes, than ever before! Whether it is setting up a new work place hub or our constant need to self isolate and share our space, with very few, or accomodating lesson plans to educate your loved ones….As for me, well, i am sitting here, writing this piece, in my Pj’s waiting for another batch of Marmalade to thicken….not long now!

Once you embark on making more of your home, you need to consider, what i call, the ground roots, up.
Think through your plans, timescales, budgets and measure up to accomodate large key furniture pieces, so you still have enough room to enjoy your space. Make a list of the various trades that are needed to pull your ideas together, then get that ball rolling within your schedule.

The next stage is in the choosing. It could be colours, textures, fabric performance, accent colours. This is where you make a file on your ipad or mobile from various websites and pinterest. Better still, why not create a visual file, with fabric samples and all your saved images in a lovely book, of the look and feel you are wanting to create. This is where our Design Team at Houzlux can help. We are available via Facetime, Skype, you can call us on
0333 5778282 and you can email us at If you are creating something special, then we are HERE to help!

Whatever your plans, on behalf of our team, we would like to thank you for your support and WE wish you all a healthy, happy and most loved New Year! Happy planning…….

Maria x