Making the Media Room much more….

The media room is very much in demand for the new homes in recent times. Normally decorated and furnished in a classic and contemporary style there is smooth paneling on one wall. Slim streamlined shelves and cupboards are hidden behind this and the whole unit acts as an elegant background to the entertainment screen. It is a quiet and calming space.

When a huge double-sided sofa is added it provides seating in a multi-functional way. It also takes away the austere look and gives a luxurious feeling. When the two parts are placed facing the same direction the room is ready for viewing the latest film, adventure series or documentary. If the seating is then taken apart it immediately creates an open space even in the smallest rooms.

This is important, as the media room often needs to serve a double purpose. As soon as the sofas are placed back to back, or opposite each other the area can be adapted to have a completely new role especially in the daytime. A large mirror can be positioned opposite the windows to bring in the light. On the far wall opposite the screen paneling, floor to ceiling library shelves will immediately create a reading or study zone. Individual tables and reading lamps that have been discreetly put away come forward to make a more intimate atmosphere for research and reflection.

Alternatively a glass or marble designer table will create high drama when paired with sculptures or a special unique chair and changes the view of the room. The Metamorphosis or Symphony are stunning pieces from the HouxLux showroom and will transform any space. As working from home has become evermore a reality, it is often necessary to find a dedicated space in the media room for the wireless laptop or the sophisticated hi-tech communications centre. Chairs or sofas of every size and style will help soften the angles of any workstation so should be chosen carefully. One last tip, electric sockets can be placed in the floors and walls according to a pre-designed furniture plan so it is a good idea to decide beforehand all the functions the media room must play.