Living with light

This is an ideal time to consider the lighting in your home and examine how you can transform your rooms with the new styles and technology available. Chromed metal, bronze, stone, glass and mirrored materials all add to the effect of your lighting with reflections spreading through the rooms and beyond.

Light and shadow are created immediately when you turn your lights on so the location of your table lamp, pendant light or lantern is important. HouzLux has a choice of statement lights that can be the focal point wherever you place them.  The lights are selected for their design and quality which means they are equally stunning whether they are lit or not.

For vibrant backgrounds it is good to use glass or chrome, brass or stone bases.  White backgrounds can take any color, but also space is created if you keep the main lighting material as glass or metal.

Repetitive lighting can give a formal or contemporary feel.  Imagine the lamp you fall in love with and then repeat it on several surfaces with mirrors to reflect their simplicity or glory. Or perhaps that overhead light bought several times which is then glimpsed as you wander through different rooms or spaces.

Bring light into your home ready for the months ahead.