Inspirations from Woodlands & Countryside that create a natural Christmas

Throughout this Pandemic, we are more than ever, returning back to our roots with an even bigger appreciation of the wonderful countryside around us!  Go out for an autumn walk in the countryside, park, garden or pathways and gather large fallen twigs or branches. These will be the beginning of your decorations to make a seasonal Christmas.  Fill large vases, buckets or baskets with bunches of holly, berries, mistletoe and eucalyptus sprays.  With this variety of foliage and plants your Christmas can be set with a woodland theme.  Long lengths of berries and tall fir branches are especially suitable for giving height to arrangements around the fire or near windows or doors.

Trail tiny fairy lights and rich toned ribbons around the greenery and these will make a stunning start to cast a magical spirit. Buy a potted tree that can later be planted in the garden in the New Year or given as a gift.  Houzlux commissioned a local artist to make sculptures, both large and small, that could be lit up on your doorstep, then admired throughout the year, in your garden.  Bringing the theme of nature into the house by selecting our latest animal sculptures like deer, rabbits and birds woven in bamboo or carved in wood. Even place some on the balcony or in the garden or courtyard to see glimpses of the forest animals as they take part in your forest party. All can be found at

Pinecones from outside make a great collection for the family festive room.  Sometimes cones are dusted in white or silver paint, but try painting them bright red or deepest green to give a new look.

Scatter them around ledges and stack them up in huge baskets- or garden buckets.  Or pile them in large bowls or lanterns.  Add glittering baubles and clusters of tiny fairy lights to reflect the colours. With the stunning lanterns or glassware from Houzlux it just takes a moment to make shimmering images around your home.

As it is a special year to remember all the family members and friends that you have not yet been able to meet, why not arrange some small tables or cupboard tops or shelves where you can group photos altogether. Add sprigs of berries and brightly coloured ribbons and baubles and raise a glass of good cheer to all those far and near.