Easy elegance for the outdoors

Just that step outside or indeed the chance to look out on a private garden or distant trees and landscapes gives a wonderful sense of freedom.   Window ledges, balconies, shady town gardens, courtyards, basement patios, country horizons or any exterior areas must all play their part in creating the complete home.

There are key elements to designing that special link from indoors to outside. Consider the view from the house or apartment, the availability of both sunlight and shade, the arrangement of plants near and far and where the seating will be.

Depending on how the space is to be used is important too. If it is to be both a calming place for privacy or for dining out, then groups of pots, climbers, tables and chairs, lanterns, steps or archways are just some of the gentle solutions for dividing the different zones.

These must all have certain characteristics.  They should easily be moved and re-grouped as necessary and take account of the time of year and changing weather, for both bright and darker days and hot and cooler months.

Lanterns are wonderful flexible additions as they are planned for indoor and outdoor connections.  They look good in daylight when their glass and chrome fittings reflect the garden colours and give layered heights and texture to any setting.

HouzLux has an amazing collection of lanterns for illuminating your interiors and exteriors.  They have a variety of finishes and shapes to suit any purpose. Apart from the magical feel they bring to your windows or rooms, their light will make the garden glow as the sun goes down and even on the greyest day will bring a happy feeling to your home.