Christmas Glory Georgian Style

The rules of symmetry and light have always prompted the architecture of Georgian houses and it is a wonderful principle to follow when preparing your home for Christmas. The generous proportions, large-scaled windows, high ceilings and square rooms make these buildings ideal for entertaining and the ideas they inspire can also be adapted to work in smaller spaces and differently shaped rooms.

Start with the entrance hallway and the main living area. Take the focal wall in each room and paint it either darkest blue, rich brown or deepest charcoal grey. Then choose a textured gold wallpaper or fabric to panel a corner. Already the two larger areas will now be connected and lead the view from one inviting place to another. The dramatic backgrounds set against white paintwork, fireplaces and mantelpieces are just the beginning for creating the scenes that will start your festive makeover, last into the New Year and then onwards through the winter months, long after you take the decorations down.

If the hallway is spacious enough to make a reception zone, take a tall tree and dress it in the traditional colours of gold and red or choose a smaller plant for a table-top option and arrange statement lanterns, antique wine glasses and special overhead subtle lighting. Then just weave twinkling lights around the stairs and the surfaces of the table.

For a less classical colour scheme to balance the backgrounds of the rooms choose darkest blues matched with furniture, decorations and accessories in tangerine. Or take chocolate brown matched with turquoise blue seating and cushions. Or perhaps even a deep plum painted on the walls with dark green or golden satin cushions and velvet chairs. All these color combinations can then be used for the dressing of the trees or room with the emphasis on glimmering or brushed gold. Decorate with twinkling fairy lights, pillar candles and glittering glass baubles using shades of lighter gold moving right down to bronze tones.

In the daytime the rooms will appear established and elegant. In the evening the dark tones will be illuminated with soft candlelight and tiny lights, which will make the zones magical and glorious and give a luxurious sense of classical living.

Symmetry in the living room will be created by pairing up armchairs or sofas around a focal point like a painting or fireplace. Then add two Christmas trees or potted bay plants and position a host of mirrors around the room all varying in sizes to make multi -reflections of flickering lights. There are new lampshades designed with golden lining, which will also reflect a warm light into the room.

Wander through the for an extra choice of mirrors, sculptures, wooden trees, lanterns, lights and candles or unique furniture to complete your final touches for the festive season.

Remember to leave a few surfaces clear to give a more formal look and set your dining table with simple but stunning glassware and plates.

Then unwrap your home for Christmas…